In 2010 I completed my goldsmith study at the internationally known trade school of craftsmanship in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands and now I have the privilege to work with gold, silver and gemstones on a daily basis. The combination of technique, working with your hands, precious metals and gemstones is what makes this profession beautiful. This is my work, this is my passion!

In my studio I create handmade jewelry based on my own designs. I mainly use precious metals such as gold and silver often combining these with gemstones, pearls and natural materials. My jewelry tend to have a sleek design in combination with a contrasting romantic counterpart, resulting in contemporary playful jewelry.

Besides using new materials I try to work with second-hand materials as much as possible. Generally the gold and silver is in a good state allowing me to recycle it.
This is better for the environment and it is economically as well as socially responsible, seeing as these materials are often mined in rigorous and unfriendly circumstances. Additionally it can also have an emotional value to recycle old gold passed down in the family. Like this one can create a wedding ring from grandma's old necklace.

Under 'Wedding Rings' you can find custom made wedding rings and engagement rings.
Together we can design unique wedding rings based on examples or with the help of inspiration images. It is then designed and tailored to requirements.

With custom work and wedding rings there are so many possibilities that this has to first be discussed in person at my studio before a design can be made. The work is carried in phases as to give the customer the possibility to alter details throughout the process.

Not all the jewelry presented on the website is in stock. In the event a piece of jewelry has already been sold, it is most of the time possible to make a new custom made one inspired by the sold item. This is indicated by the choice "possible to reorder". 
A lot of jewelry is unique due to the nature of unique gemstones. Nevertheless, inspire yourself by all the beauty and we can discuss the possibilities to create a custom piece especially for you! 

If you have any questions or you want more information please feel free to contact me.

Love, Lies