Since I have a mixstore in Delft, Offline is the new back, and no longer only a studio where you can come and visit with an appointment, I receive a lot more diverse customers. Most of these new customers have never heard of a goldsmith but only of a jeweler. This is why I also get a lot of requests which are actually more suited for a jeweler than for a goldsmith. Seeing as there are some big differences between these two and most people are not aware of them, I will try to explain them.

For example, at the jeweler, you can find several different jewelry brands and most importantly, it’s all-in stock so you can buy it right away.

In contrary, a goldsmith has limited stock. Most of the time the jewelry you’ve chosen first has to be made according to your size. This is also a positive aspect of a goldsmith because the jewelry will be tailormade for you. Moreover, adjustments can be made upon request whereas for most jewelers what you see is what you get. 

I also often get the question for standard necklaces, this is a product a jeweler can show you lots of different styles and lengths. As for the goldsmith, they will probably order such a necklace for you according to your wishes.

Same as for engagement rings. You can find some designs in our mixstore that are ready to go, but your choice will be limited in comparison to the jeweler. Most of the time the size will need to be adjusted or maybe you want different gemstones. All of this is possible and you will have a one of a kind handmade piece according to your wishes. The jeweler, however, you can mostly find standard, machine-made, “pick and go “ pieces.

Wedding rings are also a perfect example where you can find a lot of standard models at a jeweler and sometimes also for budget prices. This is because they can afford to make big “buy inns” and because most of the times the rings are machine-made in a factory abroad. A goldsmith, on the other hand, makes the rings by hand in their own studio. And again, most important in my opinion, they will be custom made for you. This doesn’t always have to be more expensive than at the jeweler. It depends on your wishes and you can be assured of high-quality made rings.

So as I have tried to shown, there are some important differences between jewelers and goldsmiths, each has their respective pros and cons. I personally think the beauty of visiting a goldsmith is that I can make a jewelry tailored to your wishes and deliver personal advice and service. You probably need a little more patience, but you will leave with a unique, tailormade,  and high-quality jewelry piece that will last a lifetime!